About us

Originally an initiative of the Flemish Government Architect Team, the idea for this website took shape during the 20 November 2006 symposium called ‘School maken’. Over time, the website has developed into a key source of information. Back in 2009 the Flemish Government Architect and AGIOn decided to join forces in fleshing out and maintaining the website, so this platform can continue to offer you information about high-quality school building projects.
Flemish Government Architect

The Flemish Government announced in 1999 the appointment of the first Flemish Government Architect. This agency seeks to make Flemish and local authorities aware of the exemplary role they have to play as public contract providers and helping to create architectural quality in Flanders.
The Flemish Government Architect Team launched its school building team in 2006, with the financial support of the Education Department. This three-person unit wants to lend support to the process of catching up on school construction. Architectural quality is central to all our activities.


AGIOn (Agency for Infrastructure in Education) provides grants and financial support for purchasing, building and renovating school buildings for the compulsory education and higher education college sectors. AGIOn is also tasked with coordinating and facilitating the DBFM school building process. The Knowledge and Advice Division provides information and advice, while raising awareness about delivering high-quality school building projects.