Internationale Conferenties Scholenbouw

Remodelling Education Spaces
[13-14 Sept. 2010 - BSEC - University of Manchester - UK]

This conference moves away from new-build to focus exclusively on remodelling the existing stock.

The current political landscape brings huge change for stakeholders in education building projects. The new government has announced significant budget cuts, freezing spending on schools contracts, but change brings opportunity. With many of Britain's education buildings still in very poor condition, building work is still required and intelligent, cost-effective design solutions will emerge with a shift towards remodelling existing structures. Remodelling Education Spaces has been put together through thorough research to provide the key strategies, practical techniques and solutions on how this can be successfully accomplished.

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IMAGINE! Exploring radical visions for tomorrow's schools
[20-22 Sept. 2010 - OECD - Wenen - Oostenrijk]

One of the greatest challenges for governments and designers, especially given the current financial constraints in the public sector, is to ensure that today's learning environments are able to respond to the educational and other needs of future generations. This conference will present radical visions for tomorrow’s schools and discuss the key factors that make them work. By exploring the design implications of future scenarios, governments may be better equipped to respond to the needs of tomorrow's learners. The conference will explore trends and scenarios that shape the future of schooling; and propose innovative design solutions and financing and procurement strategies which can address current and future challenges.

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